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All the Pieces Are Lined up for the Rap Group, Da Product

We all know that puzzles have different pieces which must be put together properly in order for people to see the big picture. In this puzzle there are 2 key pieces (DOLO & D BELL) that, when put together properly, create a big picture many people will be excited to see.So how does this puzzle come together? Well, I don’t know if you believe in fate, but just as both of their fathers were in a group back in the day, these two seemed pre-destined to someday unite and make great music together. First they did a song together, then another one, and pretty soon they formed DA.PRODUCT and Mitten Muzik Entertainment are now ready to let the world see the future of rap music.


Now armed with music, they are planning on releasing a plethora of music over the next few months to get them and their music onto the industry map.


Already have achieved well over 1200 BDS spins, a solid mix tape with Southern Smoke DJ, DJ Smallz, and beats from producer T-MAN, Da Product just waiting on the right label situation to come forth.


The pieces in the puzzle are all their, they are lined up, and now as winter is here, the world is gearing up to see some major releases from the Da Product.


Are You Starting to see the bigger picture? If not you will very soon!