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Asher Roth Show Review-Spot On


Asher Roth performed at my school a few years ago as a headliner. not only was he utterly disappointing (I’d only just been exposed to the single “College” and despite the inane lyrics I thought it worthwhile to check out his other stuff and it sounded like he had some good chops) but he made a total fool of himself.
his live performance nowhere near matched his sound on record. he was totally off in pitch, timing and volume. his insistence on free styling was so bad I felt embarrassed to be there, at points relying on 15-second long chants of “swine flu! Swine flu!” to fill space (This was at the peak of the H1-N1 flu scare and immediately after a student died on campus of swine flu) maybe I’m missing something but the amount of crap he’s put out seems to vastly outweigh any bright spots.
Ill give his sophomore album a chance but right now it seems like he’ll always be a freshman.