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Baltimore Artist/Songwriter Danny Dosha to do a “LGBT Publicity Event”


Baltimore rapper/singer, Danny Dosha, is going to “feel the pain” for his publicity stunt to promote his next album. Dosha, who released an album last year, titled, “DXD”, is preparing to release “DXD II”, and this time he plans a massive publicity event to help raise awareness for his album and “LGBT Rights”.The event is scheduled to be a live movie of the “straight” rapper doing “homosexual” acts. Danny will “service” 5 men at the same time.

Dosha's Last Release

Dosha’s Last Release

It seems odd, but Dosha knows in a world filled with Kim Kardashian’s and Paris Hilton’s that he must do something to stand out. Dosha will have “homosexual sex” with 5 men on camera and if possible in front of a live audience. 3 male adult film stars will be involved.



Dosha released this statement,

“I am a straight, African-American man, but this isn’t just about me. This is about the LGBT communities, about raising awareness, and to prove we are all human beings. I really look to an artist like Macklemore. He set the tone, and now I just want to take it a step farther. My album will be available next month, and that is when we hope to do the video. November 17th is the date, we are still setting up the live showing and party. There will be live male porn stars involved, it isn’t something I want to do, but more of something I feel I need to do in order to get my career to the next level.”