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Beanie Sigel Arrested With Pills & Firearm In Vehicle



Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Beanie “Beans” Sigel, his amount of legal stress just shot through the roof.  Around 3:15 a.m. this morning, August 29th, Beans was arrested during a traffic stop on the Interstate 95 in Delaware County.  Beans was riding shotgun with an associate named Gerald Andrews, when Pennsylvania State Troopers noticed their tan Ford Fusion driving suspiciously behind another vehicle and forced them to pull over.

Both men were ordered to step out of the car and upon doing a brief search of Mr. Andrews, the officers discovered a small amount of marijuana and multiple prescription bottles.  Beanie Sigel, legally known as Dwight E. Grant, was then patted down and sadly for Beans, police found him holding approximately $4,650 in cash, multiple prescription pills wrapped in plastic bags that were stuffed inside of a cigarette pack, and a bottle of codeine syrup with a scratched off label…but wait, it gets worse.  After seaching their vehicle, the State Troopers found a firearm which was located in the center holding console.

Both Beans and Mr. Andrews are in fact convicted felons, so the fact that they had the narcotics in their possession is bad on its own, but if you add the gun to that mountain of stress, you’ll get an avalanche of legal troubles to come in the near future.  They were promptly transported to the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Media after the drugs and firearm was discovered.

The 38-year-old Beanie Sigel was supposed to check himself into prison on September 12th, 2012, for charges of tax evasion.  However, this current arrest will more than likely add to his prison time, and he may even be held behind bars until his pending September 12th date with a prison cell.