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Summer Artist to Watch For, BlackFoot Joe

Last year we told the blog world that, Chief Keef was gonna take over the summer. Yeah, we had some inside information, but you gotta give us credit. Now it’s summer 2013, and we have another pick for the top, slot position from a newcomer and his name is BlackFoot Joe. Get familiar.

Unsigned Hype BlackFoot Joe

After Blackfoot Joe takes over this summer, it won’t be because he was quiet this spring. He was working, he was touring Florida doing shows all over and killing the mix tape game. His single, Pool of Thoughts, hit the internet with about 10,000 downloads in just three days.


BlackFoot also put out a video for the song that quickly went viral with over 50,000 unique views in one week.

Click Here to Watch the Pool of Thoughts Video


Last year was the year for Chicago and Chief Keef, a trap type of rapper, but I can assure you this summer will be all about BlackFoot Joe. Major labels A&Rs are all buzzing about BlackFoot, trying to cash in on what seems like a star in the making. BlackFoot is the dude, he is the coolness, not gangster, just himself. In his own bio in his press kit it states…

“Blackfoot Joe is your everyday hard working post college grad. Mix the show Work-a-holics together with a Black/Native American character and you have Blackfoot. He parties to the fullest at night while maintaining his respectful and humble presence during the day that any lady would be proud to ‘Take home to mom.'”

Now doing shows all over Florida and residing in Orlando, the New York bred MC is only a few months away from being everywhere.

artworks-000045870191-rgm37p-large-300x300His newest release, Never Ending,  is the type of joint you roll up and put on repeat. It’s a slow, nasty beat with dope lyrics that make you think hard about where you are in your life.

“Long Nights, Great friends, I wish it never ends”

We will keep you update on Blackfoot’s new releases and get ready for his debut album coming this summer!