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Chris Webby – Won’t Be Today (feat. Joe Budden)

I always love when a legend hops on a track with an up and comer. No matter what way you put it, Joe Budden is a legend. He has been one of the best emcess for years and continues to dominate the game through his solo work and Slaughterhouse. And as for Webby, he’s clearly one of the best up and comers, sticking to the true hip hop style he has had throughout his entire career, unlike some other artists who go down the “pop” road that wasn’t made for them. In this record, Webby and Budden let us know that calling it quits has never came to mind and re-assure us that they can both rhyme insanely well. Plus, the hook is a classic, catchy Chris Webby hook. I feel like Chris doesn’t get enough credit for coming up with some of the smoothest chorus’ out there. In addition to all the lyrical dopeness going on in the track, Prestige gives us a chill instrumental to vibe to as well. Check out the track and vote Chris Webby for XXL Freshman 2014!

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