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Eminem – Survival (Official Video)

Eminem just dropped the official video for his song Survival which he gave us a few months ago. The video has some awesome effects and even features shots from live performances of Em’s. It’s an awesome video, but there’s been a news story circulating with Eminem’s name in it that I want to share with all of you. If you consider yourself to be an Eminem fan, you’ve heard of his daughter Hailie. This past week, Hailie was named homecoming queen of her high school during a football game. Eminem was in attendance, but decided to watch his daughter be crowned from inside the school, so that he didn’t steal her shine by being on the field with her. Not only is he an extremely hardworking, groundbreaking artist, but also a truly humble person. Check out the video and be on the lookout forThe Marshall Mathers LP 2 which is set to drop on November 5th!