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Game Changes Album Title to Differ From 50 Cent



West Coast rapper Game has changed the title of his upcoming album so that it isn’t so similar to that of 50 Cent’s or Trey Songz’s LP. Game initially titled his new project “F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory’s Evolution)”, but after realizing that 50 and Trey had records with similar names, he decided to make the change and call it “Jesus Piece” instead. He explained his reasoning in a recent interview.

“Trey Songz came with his album ‘Chapter V’, and of course 50 had ‘5 (Murder by Numbers)’, I just felt like I should jump off that wagon. So I went back into the studio and started doing songs that leaned more towards the title. I think people gon’ appreciate the concept once they hear the music. ‘Jesus Piece’ gives me an opportunity to speak about situations that people like me who love God but are still street and still wanna remain themselves without going the Pastor Mase route. It gives the opportunity to know that it’s somebody out there that feels them.”

The Compton native also discussed what his fans can expect to hear from his new LP.

“You can still have swag and be a Christian, you ain’t gotta wear a suit to church, you ain’t gotta take a bath in Holy water. You can still have your Ciroc in the club, it’s just a faith thing and making sure you try to do right. I’m still a father, I still smoke, I still rep Compton, I still might shoot dice or have a fight if I have to defend myself. I wanted this album to supersede what ‘The Documentary’ did lyrically. Every time someone walks into the studio and listens–from Wayne to Khaled–everybody says ‘that’s the Hurricane.’ That makes me feel like I’m the old Game again. I’m just happy because I was able to find that creative space. I’m having fun.”

What do you think of Game’s new album title and his reason for changing it?