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GT Garza Review

After stumbling across a new Houston artist by the name of GT Garza via way of his “Callin’ Me” Video via way of AllHipHop ( http://allhiphop.com/videos/don-cannon-presents-gt-garza-callin-me/), we decided to give a listen to his latest mixtape, “Batteries Not Included 2.”
One thing that jumps out about the tape is the hosting duties by southern pioneer Don Cannon. You can tell that Cannon took a genuine interest in the project when listening to his tags. A Hip-Hop listener can tell when a DJ is just doing tags on a record for business purposes, and when he’s actually interested in being attached to the project. It’s evident that Cannon truly believes in GT Garza, a good sign for Garza’s future.
The stand out track in my opinion is “Like What You See” featuring Z-Ro. Produced by Trakksounds, Z-Ro delivers a catchy hook while also contributing a stand out verse, GT delivers a smooth verse mixed with a fire fast rapid flow. Garza’s flow all throughout is especially impressive, sort of like a mixture of Yelawolf & Rittz — There’s no doubt GT is a southern artist, and that’s not a bad thing by any means.
Garza also showcases a good amount of versatility, with an ability to rhyme over east coast sounding records (the scratches on “Broken Thoughts” sounds like something DJ Premier would offer up) not to mention the subject matter is introspective. In a similar fashion, “The Interview” is a slow thumping song that allows you into the thoughts of GT as an underground rapper who stands on his own feet, as he boasts “I’m an underground Rapper, fuck Star Search.”
All in all, this was a very nice introductory to the Houston native that is GT Garza, and we can’t wait to see what he has lined up for the future.