purple hip hop

Havoc – Separated (Real From The Fake)

You sounding real sentimental and soft in ya hooks,
can’t believe how this nigga dressin get nauseaus when I look
20/20 vision but had to take another look,
woulda thought it was fiction like the motherfuckin book
keep using them 48 Laws wrong you get murked,
used to spit bars but now you just chirp
like a lovebird, and most of ya album is for the lovebirds, son you wildin,
I’ll keep it a thousand, you trying on blouses

Damn Hav, why don’t you tell niggas how you really feel though? There ain’t no turning back after this shit right here. This is like some P has to set it on sight shit. Either that or he better channel some of that “Drop A Gem On ‘Em” energy.

Your move P.