purple hip hop

Featured Artist Myah J

We love beef, and Myah J brings it on her first few bars on her new song, “I am Myah J”. She boldly yells out, “I am not Diamond, I am not Trina…” She wants you to know from the jump that she isn’t them and that she is here and here to ROAR!

The song isn’t great, but we see the potential. Purplehiphop has been a place of new artists for 3 years now, and we feel like Myah J is an artist that is gonna keep giving us hits. The first time I heard Trina, I knew she would blow the f*ck up. That is how I feel now with Myah J. The chick is also a model besides MCing, and we have to say, she is the double threat!

We have heard some “maybe” rumors that Lil Wayne is gonna be on the remix, but are hearing heavy rumors that she might be in an upcoming season of Atlanta Hip Hop Wives!