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Juelz Santana Says New Dipset Track Is In Works, Hopeful It Will Lead To New Album

Juelz Santana Says New Dipset Track Is In Works, Hopeful It Will Lead To New Album

As validhiphop.com previously reported,  addressed the reason for the delay of the  album, and he placed most of the blame on himself. At the time, Juelz also stated that he is ready to record, what would be the third  album. Now, the Harlem rapper says that there is a new  song in the works that he hopes will lead into getting the album started.

During a recent interview with Fuse, Juelz Santana gives another status update of a possible third album from the Dips.

Santana spoke on recording with :

I’m just gonna put it to you like this – you know Jim was on the mixtape? He recorded “From Chicago Back To Harlem” with me and Durk. Jim came and recorded the verse for that, yesterday, but Jim is good like that, it was never a last minute thing. I know Jim, once you call him, he’s always there for me. Reaching out to other artists, I always knew I had to do first, because Jim is right around the corner, and I can pop up at his studio, play the record, Jim’s gonna jump right on it in 20 minutes at the most.

As Juelz continues, he talks about a track he recorded with Jones before “Chicago Back To Harlem,” that he is hopeful that it may be the start of the new Dipset album:

We actually did another record before that, it was a decision, not a decision, but a question of which was going on my tape. So we wound up saying, ‘You know what? Why don’t we just put you on that one with Durk, the “Chicago Back To Harlem.

Juelz adds that the first track recorded with Jones is going to go to Cam’ron to lay a verse:

The record we have, he [Jim] got a verse on it, I got a verse on it, and he said he’s gonna take it to Cam, and have Cam put a verse on it. So, you know, hopefully that will be the start of, so we can do a Diplomats album, that’s possible to happen.

As the interview continued, Elz addressed the status of the relationships between the Dips:

We’re all cool, [but] we don’t speak as much as we used too, but we still speak. We’re just not around each other as much. We’re not around each other everyday. That’s all it is.