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Karen Civil Industry Fraud….Publicist or Glorified Groupie?

Every now and then, we get news on people taking advantage of artists in the industry. Sure major sites like Reverbnation.com have been built on this very principle. Get artists to buy into scams. We guess that Reverbnation is only so bad because it eats on the artists. Then we catch wind of Karen Civil.

Karen runs the website, KarenCivil.com, and sure she has some industry interviews with some cool people. HOWEVER, despite her claims, Karen Civil hasn’t broke ANYBODY in the music industry. We even get major interviews on our tiny blog, but we don’t turn that around into we broke Kanye West.

We have some facts for you.

1. Karen Civil isn’t in the top 100 of music publicists

2. She barely represented Amber Rose, Amber never paid Karen one dollar.

3. Karen has never broken an artist in the industry. Her crazy claims, of Nicki Minaj, J.Cole, are extreme and far from the truth.

4. She is a groupie. Sleeping with clients in exchange for interviews doesn’t make you a good publicist, it makes you a groupie.

We just wanted to give YOU the struggling rapper, musician, producer, a good look at KAREN CIVIL!

Shout out to Meek Mills for hitting that too 🙂