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Kendrick Lamar Defends His Refusal to Vote


New school West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar revealed recently exactly why he has a disinterest in politics and why he chooses not to participate in the Presidential voting process or any others, for that matter.  Some people have come forward to challenge his views and stress the importance of voting and being politically aware.

The executive director of the nonpartisan organization League of Young Voters, Rob “Biko” Baker, shared his opinion on Kendrick’s lack of political enthusiasm and stated that he would love to meet with him and discuss the matter in person.

“I respect Kendrick Lamar’s opinion. He isn’t the only young leader frustrated with the state of the political process. But by not participating in this, and future elections, Kendrick Lamar is giving the very people he is frustrated with the more free reign to continue to pull the levers they way they want to.

“This past weekend, I hung out with my family members who live in Kendrick’s home town, Compton, California. If Kendrick inspired his neighbors to think seriously about the strength of their vote, we could begin to alter the popular discourse, and more importantly the economic policy of local and statewide government. I’ve seen it happen before, and I believe poor people in Compton can be mobilized to improve their living conditions. We have to stop thinking about ourselves as individual actors, and take our collective strength more seriously. I would love to chop it up with him.”

Kendrick issued a brief response to his followers on Twitter about voting for the right reasons.  His tweet seemed to be issued at people of color specifically as he stated “My black and brown community” in one tweet.  He’s telling them to vote according to their true beliefs rather than by skin color, so that if Obama is re-elected, they won’t blame him for the economy and other issues within the U.S. that they feel rest on his shoulders.

Check out Kendrick’s tweets above.