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Kosha Dillz Paid Rza $50,000 for BET Cypher Spot


Well we got word from a close friend in LA that Kosha Dillz, yeah the kid who spit the jewish bars on the BET Cypher Warm Up, paid the Abbott AKA Rza, $50,000 for the spot on the cypher! That is a lot of bread for the spot, but with what advertisement goes for on those award shows, we have to ask, was it worth it?

Now we aren’t going to go “out there” and say hey, the guy is Jewish and has a rich family, but he did admit to paying for three ads in the XXLmag.com for $15,000K.

I guess the hip hop world has changed, put your money where you want to your raps to be….

And hey, we are asking for a 3rd of that to advertise on Purplehiphop.com, somebody get a hold of this kids parents!