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KRS-One It’s Gettin Hectic

Last night DJ JS-1 liberated an unreleased DJ Premier produced KRS track leftover from his seminal 1993 solo debut Return of The Boom Bap. This cut is just one of a number of gems that you will find on JS-1?s Demolition Mix, a sprawling 3 hour long mix of demo tracks and rarities from the Golden Era.

Here’s JS-1 on “It’s Gettin Hectic” and a few other gems you’ll find on the mix:

I doubt there is anyone who heard EVERY single track in this mix. Even the biggest hip hop fiend and collector is sure to find something on here to make them look twice. This whole mix is worth it just for the unreleased KRS-ONE and DJ PREMIER track that didn’t make the Return of the Boom Bap album.
Thank You Dj Premier for letting me have that. I promise we won’t sell a few thousand white label 12?‘s to japan. hahaha. The 3rd Bass and Brand New Heavies track is also a really good one to check out. Of course all the Rakim songs on here are sure to make you press rewind once or twice. I think the DMX track like Unstoppable Force will surprise people. I love the Biggie reference track for Lil Kim. That’s been around for the longest, but it’s classic and i die laughing everytime he says stuff like “i suck dick better than you.” lmao. man, mr. cee must have been loving this track.

Download: Link