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Legal Documents Surface From Curren$y’s Suit Against Dame Dash

Earlier this year, new broke that former associates Curren$y and Dame Dash were engaged in a lawsuit over Curren$y’s “Pilot Talk I”, “Pilot Talk II”, and the “Muscle Car Chronicles”. Curren$y previously stated he backed off of the suit, claiming he was “way too cool for a lot of that stuff.” Recent documents from the case have recently surfaced, bringing the truth into the light.

Curren$y and Dash formed a business relationship in late 2009 aligning himself with Dash’s Bluroc/DD172 camp. After declining an offer from Warner Brother Records, Curren$y decided to stay with Dash. He requested to work with Ski Beatz, creating both Pilot Talk albums with the famed producer.

It seems after this, the partnership went sour. Dash accused Curren$y and his associates of talking to major labels behind their back, and eventually signing to Warner Brothers without talking to him. Spitta intends to stop Dash from selling those three albums by filing for trademark infringement, but it isn’t clear how things will turn out.