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Purple Hip Hop’s Top 7 “White” MCs (Right Now)

Of course we know we should put, Eminem, as our top MC in this category, but we won’t……Also we have left off Yelawolf as he has every major person in the game pushing him, and he still only sold 120,000 units. Production from Dre and features from Eminem and Kid Rock should have made him platinum, even in this day and year! Also we left off Bad Boy artist, MGK, mainly because he is corny. Those two are beefing, so maybe they can go “beef” together. :). You might argue about our number 2 pick Mac Miller, but we think he has earned it. Enjoy.


1. Slug.The Rhymesayers group of MC Slug and DJ/Producer Ant has been in the game for 15 plus years, but they seem to just now be gaining mainstream attention over the past few years. Slug isn’t a punchline heavy rapper, but he does almost everything else perfect. Song writing and deliver is a key to making Slug our top MC out right now.


2. Mac Miller. Ok, well we aren’t giant fans of Mac Miller but we can’t knock the kid for finding his zone and fan base. He seems to just be a kid having fun, which is kind of what hip hop is. He does always pick hot beats, that pairing with his debut album going #1 makes him the 2 pick. He really needs to structure his bar game to get to the next level, but he is still only 20.


3. Wax. Wax is now finally on a label, Def Jam, but we hope he keeps doing what made him a fan favorite, freestylin’. Wax has nice punchlines, but his key is his song writing. He is often compared, unfairly, to J.Cole, but he does have that knack  for song writing like Cole. Wax has more material on Youtube than some artists have in their own arsenal. Wax should probably be ranked higher, but he has yet to do the numbers.


4. Macklemore. The Seattle MC has a different flow. Sometimes his rhyme scheme is puzzling, but his vocal and songs are always on point. He has party joints as well as thought provoking tracks. You really can’t do wrong listening to Macklemore. Wings the video and song, are always a constant video to show newcomers, and they always fall in love with the MC. His next album will set him apart, make or break his career!


5. Aesop Rock. Ok, we really don’t get all the fuss behind, ASAP Rocky?I mean there is already a dope rapper named, Aesop Rock, who is 10 times better than this guy will ever be. Aesop Rock has been on the scene, but his new project, Skelethon, showcases a true musician. His rhymes are deep, his word play and delivery is always on point. Honestly we think more people should get into, Aesop Rock. Peep the video below.

6. Brother Ali.  You might see a “Rhymesayers” trend here, but maybe that is because they know how to sign hot rappers. Brother Ali isn’t just white, he is albino. He has toured the world performing and has actually been in our top 20 lists before as an underground artist. He is def an artist that any hip hop fan should know!


7. Michael Barber. Michael is punchline heavy rapper and a one time member of Nas’s camp (we all know how nas does breeding artists). Michael has been steadily releasing music and has been featured on numerous mix tapes in the past year. Michael has turned down mainstream deals with labels due to creative control, and his new rock project, Illuminati Sky seems to be his best music to date. He is also the originator of “Dust Music”. Peep his Audio Stepchild Group and the song, Sofa Bed>.


Honorable Mentions to Chris Webby(Boring), That Kid Era(not enough material), MGK(Corny), Yelawolf(too many connections,Eminem, Kid Rock, not to be better)