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Sean Breed and Hitler

I’m literally disgusted over a project released by an unknown rap artist named Sean Breed.   In what seems like a clear and desperate move to get attention, Sean Breed names his music after one of the most evil and hated men that ever existed – Adolf Hitler.  I’m assuming his defense is that he is using his H.I.T.L.E.R acronym as “Hate is taught, Love ends racism.”  If you take a look at his social media, it seems all this artist is doing is spewing pure negativity, in which it seems he tries to use that in attempt to garner attention for himself.  It hasn’t worked out for him and really he is just another internet rapper who is virtually unknown in the virtual and real world.
Through his own “company” Selym Records, Sean Breed tries to teach hate as he constantly bashes people on his little followed social media sites. At first I felt a little sorry for him because you can see in his pictures that he is a older rap artist that looks like he is in his forties.  Purely speculating, he probably has recorded a lot of music over decades that has never caught on or went anywhere.
So out of sheer desperation, he names something after Nazi leader “H.I.T.L.E.R”. Sean Breed has spit on the graves of over six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust.  Hitler is responsible for the death of over one million children. There is nothing entertaining about that.  Sadly, it appears he’s recruited his own family with his young daughter Kristin Milez, his brother Beat’N Da Oddz’, aka Shannon Myles, to take part with his evil and demented cause.  So inappropriate and so very sad.
Calls to Dj Premier, Douglas Grama and David Lotwin of HeadQCourterz / D&D Studios / D&D Records were not returned to comment on Sean Breed.  According to Breed he was once signed to the legendary label.