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Tupac’s Sex Tape Sold

Someone has finally shelled out the dough to own a piece of hip-hop history. TMZ has learned that a homemade sex tape featuring rap legend Tupac Shakur has been sold, after months on the market.

As previously reported, the five-minute long video finds ’Pac receiving oral sex from a female fan at a house party. Shakur, who has his shirt off and his pants down during the sexual act, is described as drinking a glass of alchohol and smoking marijuana while singing along to one of his songs playing in the background.

In addition, Money B, ’Pac’s friend from rap group Digital Underground, makes an appearance in the clip as well.

TMZ reports that a private collector purchased the tape for an undisclosed amount of money. But don’t hold your breath on the footage being released to the public as the Tupac Estate plans to sue. —Elan Mancini