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Unsigned Hype Watch Rapper Moe from Louisiana

Born and raised in the same area as Lil Wayne, rapper Moe, has been striving for a hip-hop career since a young age, he wrote his first bars in just the third grade. Moving back in forth between two LA’s, Los Angeles and Louisiana, Moe was raised by his grandmother as both of his parents were locked up. Moe says he considered at times to join a gang, but he took up playing basketball and he kept writing rhymes.


Moe states that eventually he realized he wasn’t gonna make the NBA, but he says,

“I brought my 1st set of studio equipment and taught myself how to engineer as well as rap better. I began creating remixes and mixtape a a few months later which eventually led to is anybody listening?”

Now on the third installment of his, “Is Anybody Listening” series, Moe is ready to get on a national scale. He isn’t just a home studio rapper, Moe can flip a beat up several different ways in a style that never gets boring. I haven’t seen a young MC with no money, no label, no ghostwriters behind him this good in a long, long time. He does sound a little too much like Weezy at times, but he can go in double, triple time that is more Twista than Wayne. His single, Flux, is one of those songs that you have to listen to about 10 times just to hear what he is saying. Then when you get his flowtry down, he can hear that he is also spitting some hot lines. Listen to Flux and head over to HardKnockTapes and download the whole mix tape, “Is Anybody Listening 3”, and I promise you are hearing the future right here…